Beauty Advent Calendars 2017 5 Picks for under £100!

Getting up every morning to open that little door on the calendar has always been my highlight of December. It makes getting out of my warm cosy bed that tiny bit easier during the depths of winter when its freezing and it feels like it takes me 10 years to de-ice my car.

Advent Calendars have moved on A LOT from when I was little and now it seems that there is one for almost any interest, from Gin to Tea, Prosecco to children’s toys, there are tons of them out there!

But my favourite kind of calendars are the ones that open onto beautiful cosmetics and skin care products. I love the idea of being able to try something new every day and its so interesting to see how brands have developed these over the past couple of years.

I’ve picked out 5 calendars under the £100 mark that caught my eye, I would love to know whats on your wishlist for this year!

  1. Clinique (£75) –  ’24 Days of Clinique Advent Calendar’ 

This is a great one if you are a fan of simple skincare and beauty products. Clinique is notorious for making no frills products that do the job and personally I am getting more and more into their skincare. This calendar is more skincare heavy but does contain make-up including a mascara (I’ve only ever heard good things about their mascara’s), lipsticks and blush. On the skincare front this looks great, including loads of generous sample sizes of their most loved products, including things from the moisture surge range which is fab!

2. Sleek (£35) – ‘Sleek Makeup a Gift a Day Advent Calendar’

This might not look or sound like the most luxurious makeup calendar, but personally I am really drawn to this one. Inside you will find matte liquid lipsticks, eye pencils, lip pencils, mascara, eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow, nail varnish and 2 brushes. That sounds like a lot to me for 35 quid! Sleek might not be the fanciest of brands but the stuff I have from them is great quality and looks gorgeous when i put it on. I think that this is a great one for people who are more into makeup but not willing to spend a lot (say over £150) on one of the super fancy calendars from Estee Lauder or John Lewis.

3. Birchbox (£75, or £65 for subscribers) – ‘Birchbox 2017 Advent Calendar’

This is an odd one because from the reviews it seems that most of the subscribers already have these products and so feel dissapointed with the offering. For people who aren’t normally subscribed I think this one looks pretty good. There is a good mix of make-up, skincare and haircare, showing off some big brands like Benefit, Smith & Cult and Nuxe. Overall I think it looks like a nice calendar but probably would be dissapointing if you are already subscribed (even if it does give you a tenner off!)

4. TILI @ QVC (£40) – ‘TILI Advent Calendar’

This is one I found online, but it looks very good quality, it contains 24 products which is really always a must for me. It also includes some great brands in there, Becca, Percy and Reed and inside it does have the Hot Cloth Cleanser from Liz Earle which is holy grail for me. I feel like having a product in there that i know i like makes me feel inclined to beleive that the other things would be right up my street too. Some people had commented that it only contains 4 full size products but i still think this is a steal at £40 because there is so much in here of great quality

5. Asos (£55) – ‘The Advent Calendar’

This one really appealed to me, not too high a price but still great quality, and the picture on the website shows the products and their sizes. There is stuff in here from Smashbox, Carmex, The Ordinary, Eyeko and so many other great brands. This one is more skincare and haircare based and less focused on makeup however I think this looks like it has a great mix of everything and highlights so many good brands its just a great overall calendar. Also the packaging itself is marble and baby pink which is so on trend right now and just looks gorgeous.


Whatever you pick, there is a great deal of choice out in the market today